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JLCM 18th Year Anniversary

February 13, 2005, Sunday, 9:30am - 5:00pm

attandance: 107

Other pics... soon to come

The JLCM interior decoration by Sis Elsa Espinosa

Apple, Sharmaine, Lady, Alma, Raquel, Halla, Alma and Pastor

The band: ren, Gelo, Tey with Pastor. Rhoda(organist) not in the pic

and wala sa picture ay mga late! hehehe

9:30am Childrens ministry: Pampanga Kids maaaga

10:30am kumpleto na sila and magugulo asusual

From right side behind

From the back center

9:30am first to arrive are the Pampanga members

JLCM Music Min Presentation

Another shot this time with the trainees

Pastora Lulu Malgapo telling the JLCM History

Another shot from Left behind. The Children are at the left side having their own sunday service celebration