Gag reflex stimulants

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Extreme pictures lurk this page
no minors allowed (even adults cant stand this page)

sorry for my eccentricity. im a sick man.

When will they learn?

.remember daily breast exam for 20 yrs old above
yearly hospital exam for 30 yrs old and above
and yearly mammogram exam for 40 yrs old.
early detection is vital for a good prognosis.

Fountain of Youth

Here is a sample
of Japanese ingenuity
Kaya mo? pek mo!

Brain Spill

... and we thought he was hard-headed
enough to disobey traffic safety
precautions -like wearing
a head gear

Seducing Tree

careful mister.
i think its bladder is almost full.

Whats Wrong in this Picture?

I know i pasted this picture
for a reason but i forgot why.
could u spot the not?

Winner of Best Poster Ad Award

Want a Corvette or to covet?

Harley or Sarao

a dramatic picture of a
motorcycle accident survivor

this is one of the
great reasons why
i sold my scooter

note: patient is still alive
and very much conscious!