The Kids

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This is a page dedicated to my inaanaks n pamangkins

Franchesca Falconitin

also known as NINI.
ang matandang bata.

Bem and Ruth Falconitin

Proud grand parents:
Braulio and Elizabeth

OJ E. Fernandez

Oj is my pamangkin born and staying in London, england. syempre english citizen. super cute and super pogi. bibo pa.

proud parents: Oliver & Mia Fernandez

Amiel Balderama

fund of cars, trucks,
train, plane, jeep,
and anything with wheels.

Proud parents:
Aries and Alma Balderama

Tayra Tecson

chinese beauty! thats Tayra for you. the daughter of a good friend of mine. shes the whitest baby ever to walk JLCM floor.

Proud LolasTita:
Tessie Sy
Linda Villapana
Thelma Tecson

Proud parents:
Tommy & Carmella Tecson