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Honda XRM


4. Remote Controlled HELICOPTER

  • Rechargeable RC helicopter

  • made in china

  • Price: 3,000 (last price na po)

  • what you will be getting:

  • 1. controller (uses 6pcs AA battery -not included)

  • 2. Helicopter (with built in-rechargeable battery)

  • 3. Portable Charger pad (hand carry)

  • 4. adaptor (220V)

  • 5. Manual

  • 6. box

  • the charger pad is a HAND-CARRY, PORTABLE charger which you can carry any where to charge ur is initially charged for 12 hours via its 220v adaptor.

  • then its all charged -up its all set to be carried any where to charge up ur chopper every time you play.

  • NOTE: the Charger pad is hand-carry, portable charger which could last for a long time after fully charging it up. i havent tried how many times it could charge the chopper before it drains and recharge again via adaptor but i think its charge could last you 2-3 DAYS of play before plugging it up for charge again.

  • on charging the chopper: the chopper has a built-in rechargeable battery. you will need to fully charge the chopper before you could use it. (3 mins is all it take to fully charge the chopper) then its all set for flight.

  • NOTE:(PLAY-charge-PLAY) a 3 minutes chopper charge can last for 1 minutes of air flight. when it drains and land, you recharge again for 3 minutes and its all set for another flight. but because of its portable charger which u cud carry around any where, charging is fast and easy. it's best to play in an open field for best continous flight result.

  • -the chopper can fly as high as FIFTY (50) FEET

  • -the chopper is 20 inches long (1.6 ft)

  • -blade propeller is 14 inches long (1.1feet)

  • -flies and hover like a real helicopter

  • -body is made up of STYROPHOR, tail is steel and rotors are flexible plastic for lightness and durability. because of this make, it stands a great beating. when i tested it, it smashed our wall, landed badly, twisted, slammed, crashed and tumbled and it just bounced back to play. (im not kidding) its propeller has a joint so its twistable even if it lands badly.

  • NOTE: its extremely durable

  • The controller: has a 300 feet (100meter) control range

  • anthena is 3 feet long. 49MHz

  • its a gun type controller with a trigger which upon pulling inwards, accelerates the chopper.

  • the more you pull inward, the greater the accelaration upward.

  • to change the direction: ease off trigger slightly, the chopper's tail rotor will then rotate the chopper. when the chopper is pointing the way u want to go, pull inward and accelerate.

  • NOTE: this will allow you to manipulate the area that ur chopper flies in. it will not give you the ability to turn ur chopper left or right with accuracy (like a real chopper)

  • to land: just ease off the trigger slowly until gravity take it's grasp on the chopper slowly.

  • BRAKE: is when you pull the trigger outward. this stops the rotor from spining

  • for info just call: 2933775 / 09205543383